Patio Key And Bar Locks

There are many different types of locks that we are able to use which are simple enough to keep intruders out and to make sure that our growing children do not succeed with their attempts to get outside.

Sometimes having an alarm system in our home is simply not enough and we want extra security without having to pay a lot of money or rely on something that is complicated to use. That is why some families will choose to use the patio slider lock or the patio bar lock.

Patio Slider Lock

The patio slider lock is a great way to keep your children and intruders from pulling the sliding door off its track. It is designed with a double bolt lock that has a simple design to keep intruders from noticing it until it is too late. It is made to fit inside of the standard patio door in only a few minutes.

The slider fits in between the patio door frame and the inside of the door panel. This will keep them from lifting it up and off the track and gaining quick access to the inside. It costs between $20 to $30.

Patio Bar Lock

The patio bar lock is the most simplest lock and will only cost you around $10 to $20. This is a simple bad that fits across the width of the patio door. It extends between twenty-eight to forty-eight inches and works with other forms of patio door locks. This can also be used when the door is in the venting position.

It slips on easily and keeps intruders from lifting the door off the tracks. Most are made with plastic or with heavy gauge steel.