Patio Door Lock With Alarm

Many of us will feel comfortable with a simple lock on our patio door. Others of us feel more comfortable with a lock that is difficult for our young children to be able to figure out and to deter intruders from coming in. However, we feel that one of the best to use is the patio door lock with alarm.

This type of lock is designed to be used on both windows and patio doors. It is designed with an adjustable locking security device with a built in pressure activated alarm. This door lock is able to lock the patio door to keep it closed and to prevent people from outside from coming in.

When the alarm has been set anyone who tries to open the door will activate the alarm. This alarm is set at around 110 decibel and will go off when the intruder is still on the outside of your home. It will help to scare off the intruder and to give you time to wake up and call the police.

By scaring off the intruder you will be less likely to meet with them head on and avoid any injury. This patio door lock is able to be used by itself or with a pre-existing security system that you have set up already in your home. Besides keeping you safe it is one of the easiest locks to install on your patio door. This lock only needs to be used on the door at night after everyone is safely inside. In the morning it can be taken down.


  • This patio door lock with alarm is able to adjust between twenty-two and thirty-six inches to fit most types of sliding doors.
  • The pressure activated alarm is loud and set at around 110 decibels.
  • Easy to use and takes only a few minutes to install onto the patio door.
  • This costs around $30.